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Summer MOOCs recommendations

Summer MOOCs recommendations Summer MOOCs recommendationsPosted November 29, 2013, by Marni Williams If youre the type of person who looks forward to the holidays all year but gets bored after three days, a bit of light learning could be just the remedy. These days theres no need to spend your precious summer hours tucked away in a summer-school classroom when you can dip into some free calculus while youre waiting for the swim-up bar to open. Theres an zugnglich course for almost anything dog grooming, aromatherapy, psychology really, anything. If youve been thinking of polishing up your skills over summer but youre not ready to commit to a full qualification, then taking a MOOC (massive open online course) is a great way to get a taste and have both a relaxing and productive holiday. MOOCs are free and delivered by top lecturers and teachers across the globe. Without further ado, here are some of the top MOOCs on offer for summer study. And if theres a MOOC youve been raving a bout, let us know in the comments below If these havent whetted your appetite then you can look out for some more MOOCs hitting the web in early January 2014. The soon-to-launch FutureLearn out of the United Kingdom is offering courses on sustainability, branding, forensic science and the intriguing subject of randomness, chance and free will early next year. Cornell is also set to start offering courses next semester and our very own University of Melbourne is making its MOOC debut with discrete optimisation in March. But for now, make the most of the silly season by seeing what its like to learn online. You might even find yourself signing up to get some more serious online qualifications in the new year. Just dont get sand in your laptop this summer. ResourcesMy first resumeCover letter for my first jobCareer Insider StoriesShelley Lask - Body Positive Health & FitnessInterested in becoming a?Human Resources OfficerGeneral ManagerBusiness ManagerAccountantOffice AdministratorPo pular Career Searchescareer advisor onlineunsw early entrystudy in australia for international studentsyear 10 work experience ideasflexible entry usyd CoursesBachelor of Social WorkEnquire Online Enquire OnlineCertificate III in Health AdministrationEnquire Online Enquire OnlineBachelor of Criminal JusticeEnquire Online Enquire OnlineCertificate III in Allied Health AssistanceEnquire Online Enquire OnlineMarni WilliamsRelated ArticlesBrowse moreWORKFORCE TRENDSUniversity degrees pay offThe Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has published estimates of the return on investment (ROI) for university bachelor degrees and the news is good for uni graduates.ChristmasVolunteeringGive a little why you should volunteer this ChristmasWhats more fashionable than giving a knitted steckbrcke with a snowman on it this Christmas? Giving your time through volunteering Heres how you can get involved.Career counsellorVET/TAFEVocational Education and Training in the spotlight infographicIn 2013, n early 2 million Australians chose to study at a VET institution. Molly casts a spotlight on this popular mode of study to learn more about the current state of play, and what we can do to keep vocational education and training fighting fit.

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3 Ways to (Nicely) Handle a Bad Idea

3 Ways to (Nicely) Handle a Bad Idea3 Ways to (Nicely) Handle a Bad IdeaTheres nothing better than when someone on your team comes up with a great idea. But unfortunately, we cant all have strokes of genius all the time- and eventually, some duds are guaranteed to make their way to the amtsstube whiteboard or Monday morning meeting.While it may seem obvious to you when a suggestion should be sent directly to the circular file, its not necessarily quite so clear to the person sharing it. But, when youre managing a project or a team, you cant always just say that. How you respond to lousy ideas can have a significant impact on peoples future performance, not to mention morale and general office harmony.Fortunately, there are a few tips Ive found useful when youre handed a disaster of an idea to avoid shattering your colleagues self esteem- and maybe even yield better ideas in the process.1. Ask For ClarificationSometimes, the best way to get an idea that just isnt workable off the tabl e is to highlight its flaws. If youre given a particularly legless proposal, ask your colleague to explain in more detail how she would address the areas where you feel the plan is lacking.Heres a fictional example (although I actually kind of love this idea) Lets say a colleague suggests that everyone in the office should be mandated to eat bacon for breakfast every day as a way of ensuring the team has enough protein and wont be hungry at 10 AM. But you know several employees that have heart conditions, not to mention some vegans, and a few individuals that dont eat pork for religious reasons. Sadly, bacon just isnt going to work.But rather than simply blurting out that her idea is ridiculous, you could ask her to provide more detail, letting her share how she would address all those in the office who have dietary restrictions.When you ask someone to think through the holes in her proposal, she may come to the realization herself that her idea might need some work, and gracefully withdraw it to do a bit more research.2. Pretend Its Your Only OptionThis is a tougher approach, but it also has the potential to transform a crummy idea into a great one Before making a judgment on an idea, try to see if you can make it work.Why? When were forced to accept a certain outcome, we naturally switch to problem-solving mode, which often leads to some pretty creative solutions. Plus, inspiration comes from all kinds of different places, so chances are, somewhere in that lousy idea, theres some nugget of a good idea just waiting to be found.Considering the idea from above, pretend that the bacon solution is your only option. How can you make bacon work? Turkey bacon? Vegan bacon? Offering a variety of other protein-packed breakfast choices for your employees?By switching gears a bit, and talking through how to make a bad idea work, you just might find that a great idea develops. And if not, your colleague will at least know you made a real attempt to collaborate and develo p her idea, rather than just shooting it down from the start.3. Put Yourself In Her ShoesOf course, there are some ideas that youll just have to veto. In this case, one of the most important reminders I give myself before handing out feedback is to consider how the other person might feel when receiving it. Try remembering how you felt when someone shot down one of your ideas- you can probably think of a few ways the bearer of bad news couldve delivered the message with a little less sting, right?Phrase your comments in a way that will take into consideration any sensitivities your colleague may have (e.g., did you reject the last four ideas shes had on this topic already?), and deliver your message with empathy.By taking into account how she might hear your feedback, your message will likely be much better received.That said, dont sugar coat it- you dont want her to feel youre giving any special treatment. My tried and true method is to start by identifying the merits of the idea f irst, then point out where it needs work, taking care to be constructive, not critical. brde but not least, always close with a positive word- you want her to keep tryingThe best way to generate great ideas is to cultivate an environment in which everyone feels like his or her ideas have a fair shake. Not every idea will be the next best thing, but follow these steps, and youll ensure your colleagues keep trying. And who knows? You just might find that diamond in the rough in the processPhoto of signs courtesy ofShutterstock.

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11 Attacks

11 AttacksHow News Coverage Has Changed Since the 9/11 AttacksOn Sept. 11, 2001, it didnt matter if you were anchorman Tom Brokaw of NBC News or a rookie reporter at a small town nachrichtenpaper, you were faced with a crisis you never before experienced or could have imagined. The decisions that were made in newsrooms across the country have left a lasting change in how the news media covers storiesto this day. Sensitivity in Reporting The attacks needed no hyperbole, no creative writing to make them appear worse than they already were. In the days after the attacks, David Westin, the president of ABC News, ordered that video of the jets hitting the World Trade Center in New York City bedrngnis be repeated over and over so as not to disturb viewers, especially children. That was a landmark decision, considering how many times Americans had been exposed to video of the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion and the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy. Before then, if you had good video, you usually exploited it. Today, news organizations are re-examining coverage of violent stories, such as mass shootings. Some are deciding that even when a video is available, it is too graphic to put on TV. Technology Highlights Personal Stories In the years since 9/11, smartphones with video recording capabilities and the ability to immediately upload footage to the internet have become ubiquitous. Cell phones can snap photos and record videos and post them online. In the rush to get the story on the air, news managers have to decide how to use this form of communication. A key question is whether to use only the images that were sent directly to the media outlet or to use whatever you can find on the Internet without regard to privacy or ownership. The same is true for posts on Twitter or Facebook, which didnt exist in 2001. A media company needs to establish a social media policy about how to use these tools. Visible Patriotism Remember the U.S. flag pins that po liticians and newscasters began wearing shortly after the attacks? At first, they were seen as a sign that America would stand strong. Before long, critics said they were being used to show political support for the policies of President Bush. Reporters with news organizations that would never take a political stance were faced with a dilemma- keeping the pins on may make it appear that the journalist was supporting a political agenda. Taking them off could look un-American. ABC was one organization with a policy that specifically stated the pins and other symbols could not be worn. The pin flap has faded, but the patriotism battle continues over a cable TV channel. Al Jazeera English (AJE) presents reports from a Middle East perspective, offering Americans a look at how people in another part of the world views us. Even ten years after 9/11, cable TV companies reportedly worried about a backlash if they offered the channel, even though AJE has won a Columbia Journalism Award. Cu ltural Differences Divide Once the nation saw the faces and read the names of the 9/11 suspects, it became easy to target people of Middle Eastern ancestry or Islamic belief as possible terrorists. News organizations chose to actively fight that stereotyping or saw an opportunity to pander to it. Fox News Channel has been accused of playing to Americans fears of Muslims. Others in media are criticized for assuming that all terrorist acts since 9/11 are committed by Muslim extremists, then acting surprised when the suspects in some violent acts, like the 2011 attack in Norway, turn out to be white and Christian. Other media outlets have taken a different approach, seeking Muslims in their own communities to interview about their faith and rituals. Coverage of a threatened Islamic Jihad is replaced with stories explaining Ramadan, a holy month. Possible New Threats Bomb threats and mysterious white powder discoveries have become a part of U.S. society since 9/11. News managers of ten struggle as they decide whether rumors of a possible violent act are newsworthy or just feed into fear. For years, a bomb threat at a neighborhood school was dismissed as the work of pranksters and ignored. bedrngnis anymore. Now they are often reported if arrests are made, even if the suspects are just mischievous teenagers. White powder will bring out the news crews to this day, even though most discoveries turn out to be harmless, like the dust found in Chicago or the instant soup uncovered in New York. Still, the coverage shows that reporters have conditioned themselves to treat every situation as serious. In the years since the attacks, journalists have a delicate balancing act. Cover every development as a breathless alert and be accused of sensationalism. Downplay threats and be blasted for putting lives in jeopardy. News managers find themselves making the same judgment calls as politicians and law enforcement experts. But all these groups now have the wisdom that comes from witnessing and surviving 9/11.

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4 Quick Job Interview Tips - FlexJobs

4 Quick Job Interview Tips - FlexJobs4 Quick Job Interview Tips -2314 Quick Job Interview Tips1) Do some serious research. Hiring managers want to know that you are familiar with the company when theyre bewerberinterviewing you. Be prepared to answer questions like, What do you know about our company? and, What attracted you to our geschftsleben? and even, What did you think about our big news last week? The more you know about a company, the better prepared youll be to demonstrate your sincere interest during the job interview.If possible, follow your companies of interest on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date on their latest happenings and get a sense for how they interact with the public. Are they light-hearted, fun, serious, casual, formal, etc2) Be comfortable with pauses. Its tempting to keep talking to fill the silence because youre nervous, but if youve answered their question, pause and take a breath. Chances are, the interviewer will jump back into the conversation. And if youre not sure if youve done yourself justice with your answer, dont be scared to inquire of the interviewer, Does that answer your question?3) For Phone Interviews Prepare specifically for a PHONE interview. Phone interviews arent like talking to a good friend (though, wouldnt that be nice). The conversation can be awkward unless youve planned accordingly. Youll want to demonstrate your ability to interact well over the phone. Pick a quiet spot to have the interview, and remove any distractions (turn off your computer, put away random objects on your desk, etc.).The only things you need for a job interview over the phone are a copy of your resume, a list of talking points and answers to common interview questions, a list of important info about the company and your interviewer, and a phone.4) Definitely send a thank-you email. Hand written cards are a nice gesture in theory, but if the company is large, it may get deckenfries in the mail room and not reach the intended recipien t before they have made a hiring decision. Also, be sure to email each person with whom you interviewed, and make each note different so that they arent all reading the exact same thing.Include your genuine thanks, as well as any specific qualifications you wanted to re-highlight or forgot to mention in the interview. Consider the thank-you note your last chance to make a great impressionTo find a job thatll make you excited to interview, check out our job listings available in 50+ professional categoriesReaders, tell us your favorite, quick job interview tips

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The Pros and Cons of the Independent Contractor W2 or 1099

The Pros and Cons of the Independent Contractor W2 or 1099The Pros and Cons of the Independent Contractor W2 or 1099Most of us will spend our careers in positions with traditional compensation methods. Salaried or hourly employees know all about punching the clock, filling out that time card and receiving those weekly paychecks with a stack of deductions for Uncle Sam. While traditional employee positions are certainly the most common work arrangement, there may be an alternative way to bring home the dough without all the administrative red tape up front.Freelance or independent contractor work is a typical arrangement in a variety of career paths. In writing, some trades positions and a variety of service sectors its more common than not to run across positions that throw out the traditional W2. While rules regarding what types of positions can qualify for this status vary from state to state, the distinction between employee and independent contractor when it comes to job duties a nd performance usually boils down to control and tools. Independent contractors set their own hours and terms for performing labor and will supply most if not all of the equipment needed for the position. This work freedom is appealing to many but comes with some drawbacks and certain complicating factors as well. From taxes to benefits, here we break down the pros and cons of accepting a position in which youre classified as an independent contractor.The Bad of 1099sPulling off the proverbial band-aid, first, lets titel the downsides to accepting a position as a 1099 worker or independent contractor. As an independent contractor what you make on the job is the same amount that comes home with you at the end of the day. There are no taxes withheld from your pay, which creates the appearance that youre making out ahead. If your mom ever told you there wasnt such a thing as a free lunch, she was doubly right when it comes to independent contracts and taxes. Taxes are still owed on the entire amount you earn as a 1099er, theyre simply paid at the end of the year when you file your annual taxes. In addition, employers typically have to pay a portion of ansicht items, such as social security and medicare, but as an independent contractor, youre responsible for this portion as well meaning youll end up with a higher overall taxed percentage of your take home pay.There are other downsides in addition to the double taxation whammy. Paid vacation is non-existent and employer funded medical insurance instead becomes self-funded. If theres a dispute over pay, youre on your own for following up with the client, often in terms of an escalating series of demand letters or eventually a day in court. When it comes to job stability, absent some other provision your client can terminate the contract at any time. Typical protections afforded employees regarding the valid cause for firing are completely out the window and maintaining a regular work schedule is often difficult as you are left to accommodate the needs of your individual clients.The Upside to 1099In case you think its all doom and gloom, there are plenty of upsides to being classified as an independent contractor. Fewer costs associated with utilizing 1099 work means that these workers can often command higher prices for similar skills or tasks. While you may not have set working hours, you often have greater flexibility for making your own schedule. If youre motivated and able to create your own personal structure, the freedom of working independently may be just the thing for you.There are also some tax benefits to help offset the previously mentioned downsides. Independent contracts may be able to deduct costs associated with their jobs that typical employees wouldnt be able to. This includes tools, supplies, and gas or mileage for transportation to and from the worksite. If you work from home, you may also be able to deduct a portion of your mortgage or rent as well as utilities as a home office expense. Finally, as a 1099 worker, you may have access to additional retirement account options such as SEP-IRAs which allow you to stash away more of your money for retirement, tax-free.What About EmployersIt isnt only workers that need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of 1099 status. Employers should also be aware of how hiring an independent contractor affects their bottom line. For starters,tax withholding is non-existent simplifying paperwork and eliminating the need to pay employee taxes. In addition, if you hire an independent contractor you generally arent liable for their actions like you would be for an employee, which can be handy in the event something goes wrong over the course of the job.On the other hand, hiring someone as 1099 often means you can exercise less control over the final work product, which can be challenging if you have strict company policies youd like your group to adhere to. Firing an employee for cause is generally a pretty painless action but terminating a contract of an independent contractor early could mean a day in court to sort out whether you were justified. Flexibility on hours is also a must when working with an independent contractor.The 1099 Bottom LineWhether youre looking to hire a 1099 worker or are considering picking up independent contractor work, enter into any agreement with your eyes wide open. There are definite upsides and drawbacks and deciding on this method as a form of employment will typically come down to how flexible you are or would like to be in your profession. If you have a desire to step outside of the traditional employer/employee mold, an independent contractor arrangement may be just the solution for you.

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20 Companies Committed to Fighting Human Rights Abuses in Their Supply Chains

20 Companies Committed to Fighting Human Rights Abuses in Their Supply Chains20 Companies Committed to Fighting Human Rights Abuses in Their Supply Chains Today, employees want companies to take a stand on important political and social issue. In a recent study conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Glassdoor, nearly fur in five (84 percent) U.S. workers believe companies have an important voice in proposed legislation, regulation and executive orders that could affect the employers geschftliches miteinander or the lives of employees.From gender rights to environmentalism, companies nationwide recognize this trend and are speaking out about hot-button topics and issues, including human rights. JUST Capital has done extensive survey work on this issue and revealed that the American public cares a great deal about the impact corporations have on human and labor rights.Americans believe that companies should use suppliers that treat workers well, make efforts to red uce child and forced labor, and avoid contributing to conflict abroad or engaging with repressive governments. In its assessment of the over 900 companies from the Russell 1000, JUST Capital tracks their public commitment to respecting human rights in their operations, the implementation of this commitment in their supply chain, their reporting in these efforts.As such, we teamed with JUST Capital to highlight 20 companies committed to fighting human rights abuses in their supply chains who are also hiring. Informed and conscious candidates, this ones for youIntel Where Hiring San Francisco, CA Hudson, MA Hillsboro, OR San Jose, CA & more. What Roles Senior Director of Programmable Solutions Architecture, Microcontamination Engineer, RTL Integration Engineer, Analog plan Engineer, Operations Manager, Drone Light Show Product Manager, Compiler Developer & more. What Employees Say The benefits alone make this company stand out like no other. No other company comes close to pro ducing the future for our kids and the next generations to come. Working there is a life experience everybody should get to have. - Former PSA OfficerMicrosoft Where Hiring Ashburn, VA San Francisco, CA Redmond, WA Washington DC San Jose, CA Saint Louis, MO & more. What Roles Sales Engagement Lead, Software Engineer, Solution Specialist, Datacenter Technician, Program Manager, geschftsleben Planner, Solution Spec, Acct Tech Strategist & more. What Employees Say Microsoft offers amazing learning and development opportunities. For people who like to operate in a high-powered and fast-paced environment, this is a great employer. For people who are not comfortable with constant change, not so much. - Former geschftlicher umgang Operations ManagerBest Buy Where Hiring Richfield, MN San Carlos, CA Richmond, VA Bee Cave, TX Brooklyn, NY Shepherdsville, KY Vancouver, WA Martinsburg, WV Margate, FL & more. What Roles Sony Experience Expert, Apple Mobile Master, Assistant Store ma nager, Inventory Supervisor, Geek Squad Technician, Magnolia Custom Home Installer, Web Operations Analyst & more. What Employees Say It feels like Best Buy really cares about its employees. Through training, benefits, and personal support, they will be there for you. - Current Project Team SpecialistFreeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Where Hiring Leadville, CO Morenci, AZ Green Valley, AZ Phoenix, AZ Byway, NJ El Paso, TX & more. What Roles 2018 Chemistry Summer fr sich selbstship, Senior Health and Safety Specialist, Mechanic, Underground Laborer, Laboratory Technician, Diesel Repair Employee & more. What Employees Say Very large operation with great opportunity to learn different actives related to mine planning and mine operations. - Current EmployeeQualcomm Where Hiring San Diego, CA Philadelphia, PA Raleigh, NC & more. What Roles Sales Administrator, Design Verification Manager, Customer Engineer, HR Help Desk sttze, Contracts Administrator, IT Technical Project Mana ger & more. What Employees Say Interesting work, flexible hours. Opportunity to move around. - Current RF Systems EngineerIBM Where Hiring San Francisco, CA What Roles Watson Health Marketing Leader, Big Data Software/API Engineer, Software Designer, Talent Analytics, Executive Consultant, Research Staff Member, Microservices Architect, Senior Technical Sales Intern & more. What Employees Say Flexibility, great benefits (including new expanded parental leave), incredible opportunity to learn and grow, including changing careers, and outstanding and committed colleagues. - Current Senior HR PartnerNike Where Hiring Portland, OR New York, NY Beaverton, OR San Francisco, CA What Roles Color Designer, Brand Manger, Marketing Operations Manager, Goods Flow Planning Director, Key Account Executive, Global IT Asset Director, Technology Procurement Director & more. What Employees Say Nike makes some great products, so the projects are fun and exciting to work on. Great team of people to work with. Campus is a great place to work and has a fun atmosphere. - Former Retail Brand ManagerApple Where Hiring Santa Clara, CA Austin, TX Toronto Glen Allen, VA Cincinnati, OH Overland Park, KS Raleigh, NC & more. What Roles Machine Learning Evangelist, iOS Keyboards QA Engineer, Corporate Security Manager, Administrative Assistant, UI Developer, Display Exploration Engineer, iTunes Fraud Prevention Specialist, Product Analyst, Corporate Recruiter, Financial Analyst & more. What Employees Say Working at Apple was truly amazing. From the moment I started the process, I can tell they really cared about my training and development. Great people to work with, great superiors. - Former Applecare At Home AdvisorFord Motor Where Hiring Dearborn, MI Sterling Heights, MI Palo Alto, CA Claycomo, MO & more. What Roles Global Customs Compliance Director, Engineering Specialist, Data Scientist, Marketing Optimization Analyst, Cybersecurity Research Engineer, Busine ss Analyst Content, Occupational Health Nurse, Production Supervisor & more. What Employees Say Diverse, Educational, Developmental, Forward Thinking, Great Communications across the Enterprise,Good Salary and Benefits, Work Life Balance.The Company is moving in the right direction, at the right time, for automotive manufacturing in the United States and globally. Great people to work with, engaging and a friendly culture. - Former EmployeeGeneral Mills Where Hiring Berkeley, CA Rockport, WA Minneapolis, MN San Antonio, TX Reed City, MI Philadelphia, PA & more. What Roles Logistics Planner, Integrated Shopper Marketing Planner, Senior DevOps Engineer, Manufacturing Supervisor, Senior Software Developer, Brand Marketing Consultant, Senior Tax Analyst & more. What Employees Say This is a company that truly is invested in doing the right thing all the time, one of its core values. It is the home of large, iconic brands like Cheerios, Nature Valley, Pillsbury and Betty Crocker and Hagen Daz (outside of the US), but also features smaller natural/organic brands like Larabar, Annies, Food Should Taste Good and Cascadian Farms. A great place to work for a global company and learn how to run a business and build brands from one of the very best operators in the industry. - Current EmployeeHewlett Packard Enterprise HPE Where Hiring San Francisco, CA Washington DC Santa Clara, CA Plano, TX & more. What Roles Senior Program Manager, Business Analyst, Enterprise Sales Director, Principal Azure Cloud Architect, Technical Business Analyst, Auditor, Federal Customer Project Manager, software Development Engineer & more. What Employees Say The people are the best - Former IT Project ManagerPVH Corp. Where Hiring Bridgewater, NJ New York, NY What Roles Lead Engineer of Desktop Support, Manager, General Support Temp, Senior Coordinator of Communications, VP of Product & Channel Planning Systems, System Support Analyst, Director of Learning & Development, R ecruiter & more. What Employees Say PVHs Corporate Responsibility efforts is one of the reasons I am reminded I stay with PVH Corp. PVH Corp. is truly a company that cares about doing the right thing always. Their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is truly outstanding. There is a not a single natural disaster or tragic event that goes on that PVH Corp does not stand up immediately and offer a helping hand. That passion to care for one another is something I see across the halls of PVH Corp. I am very proud PVH associate and I would encourage any friend or family member to work with us and grow with us. - Current Learning & Development CoordinatorCoca-Cola Where Hiring Tampa, FL Richmond, CA Brandon, FL Carlstadt, NJ Needham Heights, MA Alviso, CA & more. What Roles Production Worker, General Laborer, Odwalla Warehouse Associate, Maintenance Mechanic, Quality Assurance Technician, Fleet Planning Manager, Merchandiser, Temporary Part-Time Production Worker, Manufact uring Supervisor, Retail and Wholesale Buyers & more. What Employees Say Global outlook, great diversity, massive marketing competencies, ethical and positive corporate culture. - Current General ManagerVF Corp Where Hiring Appleton, WI Alameda, CA Pleasant Prairie, WI Culver City, CA Greensboro, NC & more. What Roles VP of Strategy, York Designer Outlet Supervisor, Part-Time Sales Associate, Director of Forecasting and inventory management, Design Director, Visual Merchandiser, Senior Project Manager Director of Digital Analytics, Sales Associate & more. What Employees Say Great perks 50% off sister brands The North Face , Lucy, Vans, Timberland, Nautica to name a few. Advancement within company is good and encouraged. - Current Assistant Store ManagerHP Inc Where Hiring Vancouver, WA Houston, TX San Francisco, CA Boise, ID Fort Collins, CO San Diego, CA What Roles Operational Account Manager, Lead User Experience Designer, Infrastructure Security Architect, Big Data Analyst, Global Legal Affairs Process Manager, Manager of Integrated Marketing, Firmware Development Engineer & more. What Employees Say Some of the best reasons for this job is you get to approach tons off people. You get to interact with different customers. The working staff is very generous and friendly. They are always there to help you with any struggle you have. I would say thats the best grocery store you can ever work at for team work experience. - Current BaggerBristol-Myers Squibb Where Hiring Tampa, FL San Francisco, CA Princeton, NJ Devens, MA Kawaika-A, AZ Redwood City, CA New Brunswick, NJ & more What Roles Associate Director of Analytical Sciences, Process Engineer, Associate Scientist, Associate Director of Product and Strategy, Equity lead, Medical Science Liaison, Oncology Translational Medicine Lead & more. What Employees Say BMS overall is a great company. They have excellent values, and encourage diversity and inclusion to the fullest extent. There are some very good scientists and engineers and it is the place to learn about the life cycle of a commercial or late stage pipeline. It is the best place for an entry level person to start their career. - Current ScientistHasbro Where Hiring Renton, WA Burbank, CA Pawtucket, RI Hickory, NC Plano, TX & more. What Roles Project Engineer, Senior Digital Production Artist, IT Project Manager, Manager of US Government & Regulatory Affairs, Retail Merchandiser, Graphic Design Co-Op, Commercial Manager, Systems Administrator & more. What Employees Say Competitive pay, benefits, and vacation time. Great people and company to work for. - Current EmployeeNVIDIA Where Hiring Santa Clara, CA Redmond, WA Austin, TX & more. What Roles Graphics Architect, Automotive Systems Safety Engineer, Solution Architect, Sales Support Analyst, QA Engineer, Intern, Marketing Manager & more. What Employees Say Culture of openness to risk and asking questions, collective problem solving, no blame ga mes. Many smart people, people willing to share knowledge and support the common goals. Remote locations well integrated into the company. - Current Computer ArchitectTexas Instruments Where Hiring Dallas, TX San Jose, CA Portland, ME & more. What Roles HR Business Partner, Sr. Layout Engineer, Production Specialist, Packaging Engineer, Stockroom Supervisor, Process Quality Engineer, Executive Assistant, Contract Administrator, EDA Engineer & more. What Employees Say Professional corporate culture, great benefits, solid Fortune 500 company with a respected reputation. - Former Consultant

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A Guide to I Have Attached My Resume to This Email

A Guide to I Have Attached My Resume to This Email How you include a titelseite letter is dependent on just what the job posting instructions were. The point is to stay away from stilted, archaic sentence constructions that look old-fashioned. After that, write a couple sentences about your last job or what it is that you are currently doing. Writing a perfect resume email is only a fraction of all of the situations you must keep in mind before you click send. The Bizarre Secret of I Have Attached My Resume to This Email We are going to look at every facet of the procedure, including what things to say when emailing a resume and how to correctly attach a resume to an email. Otherwise, you may want to send a URL to your erreichbar resume or LinkedIn profile. Most email providers make it simple to attach a document. Our recommendation is to compose the cover letter within the body of the email. In the event you decide you need or will need to incorporate a cover letter, i ts possible to either post the text directly in the email or attach it like a second file as well as your resume. You may still attach your cover letter in a different file, just make certain it matches the content of your cover email. If you wish to stand out, send a thoughtful message. The email will now be an extremely brief version of your complete cover letter. These emails ought to be light. Sending an email is completely free, it doesnt need a stamp, check out the post office or a visit to the organization youre applying for. A Secret Weapon for I Have Attached My Resume to This Email Its a well-known name in the business and an extremely prestigious one when it has to do with the work theyve been doing in gas and oil infrastructure. In the last few years, applying for jobs zugreifbar has become more and more popular. Dont be scared to ask for particular introductions or job leads at a specific business. Begin with the businesss website to get the name of the hiring manager. In the event the listing asks you to send your resume in a special format, or asks you to save your resume beneath a particular name, be certain to achieve that. Another oddity with attached please find is its a command when it doesnt have to be. Examine the file extensions. This placement will also need to be approved by your internship instructor. The contact information can be found over the internship opportunities. Therefore, you must have an official approach to writing your email job application. This structure can help make sure that youre learning at your internship and not simply doing busy work. Top Choices of I Have Attached My Resume to This Email Explain who you are, why youre emailing and why you need to work for the business. The BMB department doesnt have sufficient faculty to accommodate all the talented BMB majors who need to do research. Locate a contact within the business and begin emailing them immediately. The Advantages of I Have Att ached My Resume to This Email By taking the opportunity to concentrate on behauptung kinds of details, you can put yourself aside from the crowd. And that can assist you to improve your likelihood of landing that dream job An additional tip, always remember to produce your whole job application relevant and specific to the job that youre attempting to land. The issue is With such an enormous selection and speed at which we must act, its not that difficult to earn a misguided choice. After youve had an opportunity to read my resume, please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions or if you require any extra details. It has to also have a reference to your CV that youve attached with the application. When youve gathered the information that you require, youre prepared to put it into the resume template. Youll find my contact information at the summit of my enclosed resume. Please have a peek at the attached resume. You should be succinct and to the point so you do not lose the readers interest. As a result, if you prefer to use find attached the report, be sure you add something which is reasonable, e.g. you asked for yesterday. A lot of people want to understand the proper method of mentioning email attachments. Rumors, Lies and I Have Attached My Resume to This Email But every now and then you will encounter expressions which dont appear to have kept up with the times. There are any number of alternatives which you could utilize to deliver the exact same message. I also work nicely with various kinds of individuals. And there are lots of excellent reasons to dump it. The New Fuss About I Have Attached My Resume to This Email There are numerous faculty members on campus that are conducting research that demands the usage of biochemistry and molecular biology. Obviously, only as long as youre prepared to press Send. Identify several faculty with whom you might want to do the job. Additionally, there are students who do researc h just in their final calendar year.